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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Sharepoint Server 2019 Edition Recognition

Good morning all, I hope you're well?

I'm reaching out to the Community for their perspective here.
As you may be aware, we can differentiate Sharepoint Server 2016 by Edition, but not the 2019 Release as of yet in the ARL.
I believe this is due to Microsoft no longer utilising the identifiable information our ARL recognition rule relied upon.

I have a suspicion we may be able to identify Editions based on the .swidtag files, which I found in \ProgramData\\ on a device with the Standard/Core Edition installed.
Does anyone have Enterprise Editions installed on their domain? If so, I'd be keen for a copy of the .NDI/.swidtag data to see if we can improve our Recognition capabilities for this product -- feel free to respond on this thread, and I'll reach out to yourselves privately for this data.

Kind regards and thanks,
Flexera Support Team

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