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Report Designer for FlexNet Manager Suite


Where I can found the location to download Report Designer for FlexNet Manager please?

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Do you have access to the Product and License Center (PLC)?   That is the location to access/download any products and licenses that you have entitlements for:


Within the PLC you can then go to FlexNet Manager Platform, choose the version and look for the appropriate product to download.   Note the exact name of what you refer to may be different over the releases, for example the current name is "Flexera Analytics 2018 R2"


Hi, I am looking for chargeback reports examples with Cognos Analytics. In this article Cognos-Reports-similar-as-Classical-Usage-Summary It says "Report Designer 15.5 R1 package does come with predefined reports that may provide what you require" 

Do I need to download Report Designer to find them or they are available in Cognos Analytics. I can not find ChargeBack predefined report in Analytics. Could you help? Thank you


Hi Jean,

The link that you referred to is related specifically to the "FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications" (or FNMEA) product.  Both FNMEA and FNMS utilise Cognos for advanced reporting and dsahboards, but the "Chargeback" reports discussed in that article are only relevant for FNMEA.

- Murray