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Red Hat Licensing Configuration


Can someone please advise which product use rights and rules and metric to use while entering or creating license of the following Red Hat products so that appropriate compliance can be calculated by the tool?

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage (2 Core)

Red Hat Fuse (4-Core)

Red Hat Decision Manager (4, 16 & 64 Cores)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux w/ Smart Virtualization and Management (2-Sockets)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server w/ Smart Management (Physical or virtual Nodes)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power, LE, Premium (1 Socket pair, Linux Only, up to 15 LPARs)




(3) Replies

Thanks. Do you have any guidance on how to apply/create point rule sets? Is there a specific format to use for the "Points" field?


I think the default is "Every Processor equals 0.5 points", will that not work in your scenario?