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Purchase Record SKU is updated, after license was manually created

My Purchase Record application did not initially have a recognized SKU and the license was created manually. Then later, the SKU was added to the SKU/PURL Library. We updated the application record with the current SKU, will this update any attached license details such as "Product use rights & rules" and "Applications"? Or do I have to delete and recreate a
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FNMS will not change any license settings automatically.

If you create a license using a purchase oder where the SKU is initially not recognized, or if the software vendor updates the use rights that are linked to the SKU on a purchase that you used when creating a license, FNMS will create a 'recommendation' for updating the license configuration.

This use case is what the view "License Compliance > Compliance > Recommended License Changes" has been designed for. In this view, you can select any recommendation in the list and either accept or ignore it.

Only if you accept a recommendation in this view, the license configuration will be updated.