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Mismatch in edition for Oracle Products

Hello Team,

Flexera is discovering two versions of Oracle Database Extreme Performance Edition. Upon further analysis, we know that this is not the edition installed because we used two official Oracle data sources . The correct Edition should be Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. On the devices, from the installer evidence applications is being recognized from the raw information. Next step would be to get the NDI files on the servers and do the troubleshooting is what i believe. Please let us know if there is any other way of troubleshooting this issue further.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Sachin MS

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Issue can come from your environment or from ARL. When you are facing error in ARL, you have open a case for correction in a future ARL. If you can't wait, you can ignore inadequate Flexera evidence and add local evidence corresponding of your need.



in the current ARL the application 'Oracle Database Cloud 19c Enterprise Extreme Performance' is only recognized by the evidence 'Oracle Database 19c EE Extreme Perf Release 19.% - Production'. This evidence is usually generated from this database query:

Could you please verify that your database doesn't return a similar string for your version of Oracle database?
Martin Löwenberg

Hi @mloewenberg 

Thanks for the update. Requested the application team to run the query. Will get back on this if required.