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Level 8 Champion

Is the Vmware blade required in order to import Vmware affinity data


I have noticed that at my customer Vmware Affinity data is not visible in the UI. After investigating I found out that the Vmware ndi files contain Affinity information. It looks to me that the data is not imported because of a missing Vmware blade license in FNMS.


Can someone confirm the Vmware blade is required? 





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is this issue in an On Prem environment?

For Cloud if we have Data center licenses it will work.

 Hi winvarma,


Yes this is an on prem customer.





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According to the online help for both Cloud and onPrem should the data be located under the Affinity tab on the cluster properties:

With the current license rules this is covered by the Datercerner license for the servers that run in the environment.


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Hi Kim, thanks for your response. In my case it is not visible and my customer is not running flexera latest license model, and they dont have the Vmware blade option
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