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Integrate FNMEA (Cognos) and Power BI for reporting

Hello Folks,

My client wants to integrate FNMEA (Cognos) and Power BI for reporting.  Is there any way to fulfil this requirement?  

Thanks in advance. 



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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Hi Ashish,

I've seen this before using two methods. The first one was to generate a classic report, format the data and store it in a database. This database then fed the PowerBI report. The classic report is scheduled daily and the data is processed via a script.

The second method was to create the desired report in Cognos. then take the SQL generated by Cognos and execute it in PowerBI. Several Cognos reports can be created and used this way.



Hi Paul, 

Is there any way to know from which DB source we are getting all the information in Cognos. We have generated Native SQL query but unable to run it in the Power BI. We don't the to which DB we need to connect to run this Native SQL query.  Please find the attached SQL query generated from Cognos. 

@Paul_Diop  kindly share document for reference if you have any. 

Thanks in advance. 




You will have to refer to the Database Schema documentation for the relevant version, and then it's also important to be aware of the Data Warehouse and Aggregation concepts utilized by the Cognos Analytics reporting.