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Installed vs Used column for application inventory

Hi Dear Community,

I do have a question on the installed vs used column under All licenses-->selected a license--> consumption

There are two columns installed and used - How are they related and how is Flexera determining that the application is used on the server or not?


Any answers in this regard will be much appreciated

Thank you


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Hello @Cloaky,

The following Online Help articles should provide some insight:


Or are you seeking further clarification?


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@jjensen  Thank you for that, I did have a look here and really wanted a bigger picture of how the used attribute is being flipped to yes or a no flag.


Thank you


@Cloaky :

If you open up a Software Application and go to the Usage tab, you will see the default settings for FNMS, which is that the application is Used = Yes if the application was launched at least 1 time in the last 90 days. 

If you then go to the Evidence tab of the application and go to the File Evidence tab, the usage was captured based on 1 of these Executable files being launched.

Does this help?

@kclausen  This helps a lot!!

One final question - I sometimes don't have entries under FIle evidences but do have entries under installer evidences under the Evidence tab for software application.

Does the usage apply in this case as well?

Thanks and Regards



That would depend on the installer evidence type, e.g. MSI packages internally contains information about which applications are included with it and as such usage can be measured without entries in the File evidence tab.


@JohnSorensenDK   Is it just the MSI installer files that can do this or are there others?  If so, is there a list somewhere?  Also, the installer files have to be added in the ARL in order to calculate usage, correct?


I'm sorry but I don't know if other packaging technologies have the same internal structure built into them, i.e. so that the distributed packages reveal which executables belong to them.