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InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise bundle - applications included?

I have some servers that have IIS Enterprise installed, which includes DataStage.  Part of DataStage is WAS ND and WAS ND Liberty Core.   When I look at the bundle, I do see DataStage listed in the applications, but not WAS ND.

Recently something changed where these servers are now consuming an IIS Enterprise license AND a WAS ND license.  The business did not install WAS ND separately, it was part of the standard install.

I feel as if the bundle is missing WAS ND.  Thoughts?

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You're stating that you've seen this change "recently", so I'm doubting whether it could be related to the announced IBM Bundle Library change (mid-2019) where it was decided to simplify the content along the lines of what potentially could result in something similar to your findings...

Anyway, IBM bundling quite often changes (as I'm sure you're well aware of) so there may also be other reasons...

Was the license created based on an IBM SKU (which?) or did you create it manually?


It was created with SKU - D0P1DLL



Thanks and confirmed. Flexera's content team is investigating...