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How to recover the Cognos Product Daily Peak Usage report

Hi fellow users:

For some reason, after the system was rebooted by the admin, I have lost the Cognos Product Daily Peak usage report. 

I believe it is something that come with my original account. (when my admin gave me the account). I am wondering if I could recover that ? or should I ask my admin to give me a different account ?  Or maybe if I can tell my admin on how to recover that ? As we (my admin and I)  are all new on the FlexNet Manager product






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I think that you must be referring to the report named 'Product Daily Peak Usage Report' that you should be able to find in the 'Product Reports' folder under Public Folders ‎> FlexNet Manager Suite ‎> FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications Reports:


If you don't see the 'FlexNet Manager Suite' structure under Cognos Reporting you'll have to download and import it again from Flexera's Product and License Center. You will need the package that corresponds to the version you're running, the latest is named 'FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications 2019 R2 FlexNet Analytics Package'