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How can I take backup of my data on Beacon server? please share the location

Please share the location of all log files on the beacon

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If you can be more specific, what kind of data do you need to backup?

As I understand, data barely stays on beacon server.  Transferred from beacon to Inventory within 10-15 minutes.  Why would you want to back this up?  Wouldn't db server be a better place for the data backup?

I want to take backup of all business adapters and importers I have created alongwith all configurations so I can migrate to a new server because my current beacon is going to be decom soon.

Please share log file paths and how can I extract all data from Beacon ?


This requires planning, e.g. is it going to have the same (DNS) name, are they going to be running side by side for a transition period, etc.?

I think that you'll have to manually configure the new beacon with the tasks that makes it capable of replacing the "old" beacon.


Hi There,
Current configured adapters may  multiple dependencies 

Business adapter usually has connection string to read business data from the source, connection string is encrypted using hardware properties of the beacon server. Moving those adapter will fail to import and even load.
You can final all the adatpers under C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Beacon\BusinessAdapter  (default location in the beacon)
Possible Solution:

You can copy to new beacon and edit the connection string/credentials if any manually and recreate them by editing in the business adapter studio.
Adapter connections details (inventory and business) are save in config.xml located under C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Beacon again in encrypted. You can copy this XML to new beacon and edit the credentials to re-encrypt them.
This will give you all the existing connection and keep your business adapters working on the new beacon.
I would say test one first before applying this to all.