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FlexNet Manager Suite/ServiceNow Integration App 4.0.11 from ServiceNow Store

The FNMS to ServiceNow integration/data feed is working perfectly, but the ServiceNow to FNMS integration is stuck at the "Data Collection" phase of the Export Run. The file itself on the beacon gets created by the Mid Server but nothing gets populated nor does the phase of the Export Run ever change; the status stays at Data Collection and the counter stays at 0.

I validated that the database view in ServiceNow for x_fls_flexera_fnms_asset has data.

This was installed from the ServiceNow Store, not from an update set.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!



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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran


I've seen this exact same issue before, can I validate, did you update the Integration recently? Did you have the XML version of the adapter and changed it to the APP from the Store?


For this client's Dev instance of ServiceNow I received the following fix from support on case# 01852853: It appears that there is an issue with the service ServiceNow adapter. There is a workaround for this issue. Please follow the directions below, you can find the scripts mentioned in the zip file attached to this case. First, kill the stuck task in ServiceNow by going to Business Rules view and setting ECC Queue Response and Export Run to false. Then go to Export Runs view and set the state to Failed. Then, go back to Business Rules view and open ECC Queue Response, then under the Advanced tab, delete the existing script and copy the script in the attached BusinessRule-ECC Queue Response.txt and click Update button. After this, set the ECC Queue Response and Export Run back to true. Finally, go to Script Includes view and open ServiceNowToFNMS. Delete the existing script and copy the script in the attached ScriptInclude-ServiceNowToFNMS.txt and click Update button.