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FNMS overview documentation

Hello, I'm working on a design to implement FNMS in our datacenter. Therefore I'm looking for background documentation and/or architectural overview, to describe the different FNMS components.

Where can I find this kind of documentation ?

Kind Regards,

John Haumersen

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What an exciting time - we look forward to hearing how this goes. I'd recommend you start at these places:

On-Prem Documentation- for on prem

FNMS Cloud Documentation- for cloud

And, our Learning Center offers some great getting started material via the FNMS Learning Path and Practice Guides. 

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Hello, well I actually was looking for some documentation with some more details about the webserver, processingserver, batchserver and beaconserver.

So more in details what the functionality is, how these servers operate in an FNMS implementation.

If you could help me with that ?

I believe the on-prem-documentation is more about release notes, new features and implementation.

Kind Regards,



Did you check the first chapter of the Installing FlexNet Manager Suite On Premises guide?

Also the FlexNet Manager Implementation & Administration online training provides detailed insight.


Hello John, thanks for your feedback, I checked the guide and have the information I needed.