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FNMS App-V integration questions

Hi all,

I'm working on an App-V 5.1 integration and have run into a few questions.

First, there are two distinct App-V environments, both of which need to be inventoried but share software licenses. The docs state "For App-V release 5.0 and later, the system supports installation of the AppVMgmtSvr.ps1 PowerShell script on only one App-V Management Server".  As there are two environments there are two separate Management servers. Is it possible to inventory both App-V instances?

Second, there is no App-V reporting servers. The admins decided it wasn't necessary for them so one was never implemented. This means I can't setup the App-V adapter on the beacon. How will this impact the overall App-V integration?

Finally, I read the limitation around non-persistent XenDesktop VDIs. That exactly matches this situation: users login to a non-persistent XenDesktop VDI and then access App-V apps through that VDI. FNMS is connected via adapter to the XenDesktop database. The doc states "no license consumption occurs for those non-persistent devices". Our goal from the App-V integration is to understand which users have access to which streaming apps. Does this limitation apply to user-based access?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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If I understand correctly App-V applications are delivered through XenApp/Xendesktop. If users have granted access to App-V applications delivered through Application delivery group within XenApp/XenDesktop. In that case Flexera XenApp and Desktop inventory solution will be required to pull inventory data.

If App-V application are delivered through App-V Server using App-V client then AppVMgmtSvr.ps1 power shell will help to collect App-V published and user access data from App-V management server.

Hope this will help to decide appropriate path to collect published application and user access data.



Hi Aamer,

Thanks for your response. I should clarify, all access to App-V apps is controlled via AD security groups. XenDesktop just provides users access to a VM and from there all apps are managed by App-V. Based on that, sounds like we'll get what we need from the PowerShell script.

Any input on how to tackle the dual environment issue?


Thanks for clarifying, current FNMS product only supports inventory from one App-V Management server as you already pointed, documentation state that limitation.

Please do reach out to Flexera support to record business use case that will help to improve and prioritise support for multiple App-V Management  server.

App-V Reporting database is used to import App-V published application usage data (application used by users), if usage data is not present, FNMS will use access data (collected from App-V Management server) to calculate the license position.