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FNMS 2019 R1 extremely slow after upgrade

Dear all, after an upgrade from 2018 R1 to 2019 R1 the system is very very slow, we get permanently time out errors or insufficient system memory in resource pool. Installed all hotfixes, File size fragmenting edited to 512, sp_updatestats run, Reindex of all databases was done, Auto Shrink is False, Recovery model unfortunately Full SQL Server 2012 SP3 Enterprise, DB Server 32GB RAM, Xeon Gold 6138CPU Do you have any other idea? Thank you and best regards Vladi

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Hi - one thing worth checking is the Compatibility level (Options tab of each database).   I have seen very poor performance as a result of this not being set to the level specified in the system rqts (should be 2012(110) for FNMS 2019 R1).

Hi - thanks for reply - yes, they are all set to 2012(110)