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FNMP Licenses, Agents and vCenter

Hi all,

I have a doubt regarding FNMP, its license, agents and vcenter.

I'll ask my question with my real case:

- We have 1000 licenses purchased for FlexNet Manager Suite.
- We are going to deploy Flexera agent in 1000 servers.
- In order to retrieve the architecture of the Virtual machines, we are going to connect Flexnet to the vCenters in the insfrastructure.

My question is: maybe the vcenters contain other virtual machines apart from the 1000 devices where we will deploy the agent, so the number of managed devices may be greater than 1000 and then, I will have a problem.

Am I right? do the severs and hosts retrieved from the vCenter consume extra licenses? how can we manage this situation? can we restrict the vcenter connection only for VM included in the original 1000 machines with the agent installed?

Thank you very much for your help!
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Devices that are discovered through the vCenter inventory and not inventoried by an agent are not counted toward the FlexNet Manager Suite license. There are named "ligh VMs" in the product. Additional details on how FlexNet Manager Suite counts devices for licensing purposes can be found in the knowledge base article M101011