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Excessive GUID folders in ..\Compliance\Logging\BaselineImport

Over 3,200 folders but only 6 are populated with log files, 6 from the last 6-8 days. All BaselinePurchaseCreation.log. While I'm not in the know on the purpose of the log itself (it obviously has some purpose), I'm just wondering if I've missed running some kind of clean up routine. Not complaint about excessive size on disk, but it seems crazy that so many folders are created and not cleaned up!

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Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Hi Aaron,

These directories under \Compliance\Logging\BaselineImport contains logs (tiny file size) for MLS baseline data import, I think current implementation does not clean them that is why are seeing lots of left behind.

You can delete them (keep recently in case you like to see what happened within a last week / two).

Please log support case to get this addressed. 

Ideally those logs should be cleaned up after certain number of days.



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