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Dual OS (Windows Client OS (Access mode: Local) and Windows Server OS license (Access mode :Xenapp) license consumption of a single device


Endpoint/desktop machines that are accessing XenDesktop applications, report dual license consumption of operating systems (Client OS + Server OS).

This is because the users tagged to these devices are accessing Xendesktop application which is hosting a Windows server OS and thus, traces of Windows server OS evidence on all these devices are being captured which is allowing the tool to consume this device against both the Client OS license as well as the Server OS license.


Currently we are identifying such devices manually and exempting these devices from consuming the Windows Server OS license and manually allocating Windows Server CALs to these devices/users depending on the type of CALs we have.


Is there any way where the tool can auto pick such device instances based on access type and exempt these devices from consuming the Server OS license and instead make it consume only the client OS license?

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I know that you're working with support on this issue so please inform the community when you've got it resolved if you think others can reuse the resolution implemented.


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