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Cognos Analytics Report


We're currently set up with FNMS Cloud and in the process of creating some reports.
Looking at the Report Analytics (Cognos), there are some models and/or fields that are somewhat missing or need to understand how to creat it.
1.   Is there an actual documentation on this specific to Flexera Analytics and not the IBM Cognos Analytics site (when you click on ?, it redirects you to IBM site)
2.   Need know/understand how to create my own calculations or join from the different sources (if possible) as I don't have visibility to them at all i.e. I want a calculations but doesn't know which table/data/columns is available to select (from Flexera Relational Model) or why in Inventory folder (also in Flexera Data Models) only has  Duplicate Device Name instead of all the device name, device count, OS ,etc.. which can be also be found in FlexNet Manager Platform Reports and Dashboard source BUT they don't have the calculations there..

Please advise


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@chriscarreon , take a look at the Learning Center - there are a number of online resources that relate to Flexera Analytics.

@dgalecki, the learning center doesn't really provide details on Cognos Analytics and if you need to make some changes. They're all videos and most of them are referencing the "Reporting & Governance with FlexNet Manager" course which consists of mostly videos from the training.

I'm looking for any manual/guide which I would I assume Flexera has created one unless all the "Source Model" in your Cognos Analytics are all pre-defined and not allowing your customer to create any customized data i.e. Device Name count ( but there is duplicate host/device name count)?

@chriscarreon , you are correct in your assumption.  We are trying to provide out of the box access to the data needed for reporting.  Our goal is to ensure that you do not need to look for "how to extend" the data model, simply work to with the existing data model.

The changes that we are making go beyond simply "data model" - we report on data from our Data Warehouse, to ensure we are not overloading the production system, causing poor performance for all users.

If there is specific data you want to report on, please let us know - we are looking for ideas - the more specific you can be, the better (it's difficult to interpret "all inventory data" - if you have an example report and a use case - what questions are you trying to answer? that makes it easier for us to deliver what you need).