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CIS Datacenter assignment

How do i configure FNMS to allocate CIS Datacenter core license to VM hosts with More than X no. of Windows OS VMs on it irrespective of the base hypervisor technology in use.




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Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

Hi Ujas,

There are multiple approaches, each of them somehow trying to force these hosts into the DC license.

Edit: has been discussed in the past.

  1. Group Assignment
    You could assign a specific location/cost center/corporate unit to these hosts and then limit the DC license to these elements using the "Group assignment" tab. You'll also have to make sure the license consumption order is set correctly.

  2. Manual allocation
    You could simply allocate those machines to the DC license yourself. Depending on the quantity and fluctuation in your environment, you might want to go for an automated option. In that case, please have a look at option 3.

  3. Automatic allocation
    You can certainly define a "logic" in SQL to identify those hosts (I've done so myself in the past repeatedly). The results can be fed to a business import to automatically allocate these machines to the correct license regularly. There are a few more details to consider, but I guess you should get the general idea from this description.

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