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Best practices to fetch/gather user information

Hi Folks, 

What is the best practice to fetch/gather user information (Email, Employee ID, Cost Center, Location, Corporate unit, etc.)?

We are getting user information from different sources (FlexNet Manager Suite, Microsoft/Office 365, SMS). We are identifying that we are getting duplicate user information from these sources. Also, we identified that few user information is not available in Workday (we are referring Workday as a Baseline report). 


As per Workday we are getting 36000 user details. And, as per above sources we are getting 65398 user information.

Can you please someone guide us to fix this issue? 

Thanks in advance. 

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Good morning @patilashish , I hope you're having a good day?

When it comes to user housekeeping, I'd pick some example users and use that to make judgements on your wider domain. From an FNMS perspective, I'd think that users with a unique DOMAIN\USERNAME are distinct for license purposes - Flexera1\JEvans and Flexera2\JEvans might be counted separately for license purposes.

What version of FNMS are you on?
If memory serves, in 2022R1 or 2, we began bringing in the 'Mail' element from Active Directory.
This can help with resolving user records between different sources if the email matches.

If you have two sets of email addresses per user, you might see some luck updating the Alternate Email field on the User object in FNMS; if you then have another incoming user with that email, the two records should merge -- which might help with your duplicate users.
Failing all that, I'd reach out to the Support team and we can go into further depth here.

I hope that helps!