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Autodesk Standalone Licensing - Serial Number Discovery/Inventory


My question is related to Autodesk serial numbers for standalone licensing - not concurrent licensing which is managed by FNMEA. Is the FlexNet Inventory Agent able to discover/inventory the Autodesk serial number? This serial number is similar but different than the license key and can tell you important information about how that was installed (i.e. from a commercial license, educational license, shrinkwrap, etc.) Here is a link to the Autodesk site talking about these serial numbers: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/customer-service/download-install/activate/find-serial-number-product...

Thank you!

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Re: Autodesk Standalone Licensing - Serial Number Discovery/Inventory

Hi Ryan,

Unfortunately the FlexNet Inventory Agent does not have the ability to find and report these serial numbers today.  You could raise an enhancement request for this.