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The two Adobe suites were recognized as a suite in the older versions of FNMS. The licenses were not multi-product and for a device license type, hiding the components (when there were more than three) behind the suite product was a practical way of not double-counting the license consumptions.


FlexNet Manager has supported multi-products licenses for years, and Adobe Licenses are managed with Named user license types. User subscriptions can be imported through the SaaS Manager connection or the solution posted here:


The suite recognition brings no more value for Named User licenses and hides which components are installed and used, which is a major challenge from optimizing the Adobe subscriptions. After the ARL Update of December 24th, we will remove the suite links. Please note that the FlexNet bundles (and SKUs) will contain bundling definitions and allow the creation of accurate licenses.


Below are the suites that are going to remove from ARL.


MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

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