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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

This theme was the next highest voted one not covered by the 11 delivered sessions.

Managing SAM operations in ITAM combines a number of processes (Inventory Management, Purchase and Contract Management, Reconciliation) that are worth being covered by a webinar.

You will get the "big picture" with a number of zooms during the session that will help you connect the dots of Software Asset Management in Flexera One ITAM / FlexNet Manager.

  • What are the objects involved in SAM (Purchase, Inventory (evidences, recognized application applications, inventory devices), licenses).
  • What are the different roles the various stake holders involved in SAM
  • What are the processes involved in the project phase of a vendor
    • Defining the publisher
    • Assessing inventory quality for the vendor, managing unrecognized applications
    • Managing / importing purchases
    • "Processing" purchases, creating Software Licenses (Software counters)
  • What the run phase means
    • Importing new purchase (licenses, maintenance or subscription renewals)
    • KPIs to monitor for the publishers already covered to ensure the compliance view delivered by ITAM is accurate and can be trusted.

The one hour recorded session will be very illustrated and point to a KB article: Short Practice Guide on Managing SAM Operations in FNMS / Flexera One ITAM that contains a Word document covering in details this topic with step by step screenshots (create a license...) and deep dives: an embedded 20 page "Managing unrecognized applications" document gives detailed guidance on this process.

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More information on best practices in the SAM Best Practice Hub.

Talk to you soon!


Nicolas Rousseau
Senior Product Manager
Flexera ITAM