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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

The recording of the "Metering in FlexNet Manager: collection, management and optimization" is available here:

Here are are the main sections:

  • 00'00'': Kick Off & Agenda
  • 04'22'': Pointers for the last session ("everything about Oracle") material  and answers to questions
  • 13'02'': News
  • 15'00'': Metering and Usage
    • 15'00'': Introduction
    • 23'54'': Metering collection for Desktop applications
      • 23'54'': By the Flexera Agent: how to set up, how data is stored
      • 33'12'': By the SCCM agent
      • 36'51'': Recognition / Usage: important of evidences mappings to applications
      • 38'33'': Limitations
    • 43'06'': Other types of usage: Oracle, Microsoft 365 Online usage
    • 51'50'': How to take advantage of usage data
      • 54'41: Reporting on raw usage, installed application usage (From Web report / installed applications screen)
      • 58'20'': From usage to optimization
        • 58'20'': What a license consumption shows
        • 59'45'': Published Custom SQL Report (on Adobe)... soon in FNMS
    • 63'08'': Extending usage (see documents below) collection
      • Setting usage for all files and activating installer evidences usage (for agents prior to 2020R1)
      • Collecting additional information with the agent: example of Autodesk License keys (on prem only)

The PowerPoint and the two Word documents covering usage data collection extension used during the presentation are attached to this post.

Two useful pointers:


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