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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

The recording of the "Embedded Java Automated Exemption and Windows Server Optimization report" is available here:

Erratum: Java 17 is always Free (JDK and JRE).

Here are are the main sections:

  • 00'00'': Kick Off & Agenda
  • 1'54'': Pointers for the last session ("everything about Oracle") material  and answers to questions
  • 6'00'': News:
    • Coming features: charge back REST API
    • Recently released features (inventory cleanup, file replication on beacons...)
  • 16'57'': Windows Server Optimization report
  • 24'49'': Management of Java in Flexera One ITAM
    • 25'00'': context
    • 28'56'': Recognition: commercial / free versions (versions, updates, builds)
    • 34'17'': New feature: Automated management of embedded instances (exemption by file path)
    • 39'36'': end to end process for managing Java
      • 41'00'': create licenses
      • 44'00'': allocate servers to the Java server license and users to the Java desktop license
      • 48'31: understand your Java embedded paths (Applications Transparency report)
      • 52'33: set up exemptions by path on the license
  • 58'00'': wrap up

The PowerPoint used during the presentation are attached to this post.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

You could add the timestamps directly in YouTube, so the video gets easier to navigate.

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Hello Markward,

Thanks for your comment, we added the chapters to the recording.

Best regards,


Level 2

Can you please provide additional details regarding the Oracle Unspecified edition ARL improvement? When is the updated ARL planned to be released? Will that work only for Flexera One or also for FNMS on-prem? Thanks!

Level 6

@nrousseau1 what is the best practice to accept the recommendations for optimizing which windows server/CIS license a host consumes.  Do we just manually allocate the host or is there something we can do with the new intelligent license restriction feature in latest release to automate?



By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Hello @vallelyt ,

Sorry I missed you request back in Feb.

OUI evidences for Oracle are never used to recognize Oracle DB ("unspecified edition"), unless the OUI evidence is the only sign of Oracle DB of the latest version.

In other words: no other evidence (uninstall = reported by the Oracle "LMS" script by the agent) exists of a superior version. We have implemented this through precedence rules that you can find on the applications details of Oracle Unspecified edition or Oracle Standard or Enterprise.

The change was implemented back in March 2022 (from memory).

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Hello @craig_moore ,

We have released with ITAM 2022R1.2 (and then with the just release on premise 2022R2 version) a "Windows Server  Flat" report. The report has been recreated to allow allocations from a Business Adapter Studio (this works very well), and also for an integration that directly calls the SOAP API (GetCustomViewReult). It has attributes that makes it available for the API call. You need the SavedSearchID of your report that support can provide you. You can imagine that an integration every day (before reconciliation) reads the data in the report and allocates all servers and VMs to the right Licenses.

When it comes to Windows Server (and even more now that the "Per VM" licensing has been implemented) the recommendations (computer "by Host") is way less static and allocations will be more useful that Intelligent Restriction, for the "Standard vs. DataCenter" topic.

However, the "CIS versus Windows Server" (that is maybe your true need) is a topic that is more static. The versions of the report released in March (that is using the 90 peaks) had the "Cluster level contamination" approach. as soon as SCCM/ System Center / End Point Management Client was found in a cluster, the full cluster had to be licensed. The "Number of SCCM VMs in Cluster (and proportion of VMs with SCCM) allow to make this determination. This "cluster level" assessment allows again to use an intelligent restriction that will use a more "static" criteria.

Note that with the new "per VM" licensing managed by the latest report, the "contamination" (when using "90 peak /VM" new option) is computed at host level. For use of "intelligent restriction, I would use cluster level assessment.

Hope it helps,