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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

The recording of the "Embedded Java Automated Exemption and Windows Server Optimization report" is available here:

Erratum: Java 17 is always Free (JDK and JRE).

Here are are the main sections:

  • 00'00'': Kick Off & Agenda
  • 1'54'': Pointers for the last session ("everything about Oracle") material  and answers to questions
  • 6'00'': News:
    • Coming features: charge back REST API
    • Recently released features (inventory cleanup, file replication on beacons...)
  • 16'57'': Windows Server Optimization report
  • 24'49'': Management of Java in Flexera One ITAM
    • 25'00'': context
    • 28'56'': Recognition: commercial / free versions (versions, updates, builds)
    • 34'17'': New feature: Automated management of embedded instances (exemption by file path)
    • 39'36'': end to end process for managing Java
      • 41'00'': create licenses
      • 44'00'': allocate servers to the Java server license and users to the Java desktop license
      • 48'31: understand your Java embedded paths (Applications Transparency report)
      • 52'33: set up exemptions by path on the license
  • 58'00'': wrap up

The PowerPoint used during the presentation are attached to this post.

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