Unable to export reports into a CSV file or Excel file

Unable to export reports into a CSV file or Excel file


Unable to export User Console reports into a CSV file or Excel file.

The file is downloaded as default.html instead of a CSV report or Excel file report.



Root Cause:

This is an issue with the Pentaho java script in

This issue has been reported on 5.5.26 and 5.5.27.

Permanent fix:

This issue will be fixed in 5.5.28 patch.

Workaround: (Can be applied on 5.5.26 OR 5.5.27)

Please find the attached: BDNA_32431_ExportReport.zip

The workaround updates the Pentaho version to which does not cause the issue.

You can apply the patch by following the steps below:

0. We strongly recommend to manually back up everything on the following path as a pre step:

NOTE : '%NORMALIZE_BI_HOME%' is the location where user console installed.

1. Download 'BDNA_32431_ExportReport.zip' and copy it to the host where User Console is installed.
Example: c:\BDNA_32431_ExportReport.zip
2. Close all web browsers, run the following commands in command prompt with administrators rights.
Every command must run after the previous one succeeds:
Updater.exe /file=c:\BDNA_32431_ExportReport.zip
3. Once above is successful, Login to user console and try to export report.


NOTE : The workaround is only for CSV file and Excel file exports. The workaround does not fix the PDF export.

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Will this be resolved in 5.5.28?

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