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SYS Is deduped? filter in User Console explained

SYS Is deduped? filter in User Console explained

Field name:

SYS Is Deduped?


Designates whether a machine is unique "YES" or a duplicate "NO".

Recommended practice:

Filter SYS Is Deduped? = YES to discard duplicate machines (If you have multiple data sources in your Normalize process)


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Would it be possible to make the default behavior be to have the systems deduped by default?  Then if a customer wants to remove the filter they could...but in most cases they just want to see the deduped results.  

Our experience is that dedupe only relates to system names and not to software titles.  It's works fine if you just want to see system names.   Because we import discovered software from both Tanium and Belarc, when we apply the dedupe and filter that to "yes" we see software titles drop from our reports.  Tanium gets priority so we loose any software that Belarc might see but Tanium did not.  If we could dedupe based on software titles it would work much better.  So in our case, for software asset management, we rarely apply the dedupe filter.  

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