How to update my Data Platform license/activation key

How to update my Data Platform license/activation key


Starting 5.5.25 , the license can no longer be updated from Data Platform Admin UI.

You now need to run the Data Platform Config wizard to update the license.


Run the data platform config wizard located in <Data Platform Install folder>/Bin


After the Welcome Screen - You will immediately see the Activation screen where you can update your license.
Update your latest license here and proceed through the wizard. You can use Existing objects , you need not change anything else on this wizard.
Just execute it all the way to the end. Ensure it completes without error. This completes your license update process.



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which text file has the activation key.  Could you retrieve the old activation if needed?  Running a POC for Data Platform.  they sent a POC Activation key and updated it per the BDNA Data Platform Configuration Wizard.  But need to revert back to the existing key until BDNA Engineers complete their conversations.  I have a snapshot of it but lost the txt file with the old key.  🙂

Key was provided .



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