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With the recent launch of Flexera One, we will be making some changes to the way customers submit new Ideas via Flexera Ideas.

The changes are minimal but reflect the correct categories that will assist us in ensuring your Ideas are being reviewed by the right Product Manager’s, in the right place and within in a timely fashion.

From Monday, 15 March, when you submit a new Idea, you will firstly select a Product Line to submit your Idea against, followed by the applicable category.  This is illustrated below:

Product Line


Flexera One

·     IT Visibility

·     IT Asset Management

·     Cloud Cost Optimization

·     Cloud Migration and Modernization

·     Identity Management

·     User Experience

Data Platform

Not applicable


·     AdminStudio

·     Workflow Manager

Software Vulnerability Management

·     Software Vulnerability Manager

·     Software Vulnerability Research

FlexNet Manager Suite On Prem

Not applicable


Not applicable

App Broker / App Portal

Not applicable

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Apps

Not applicable


We do not expect this change to be disruptive to customers.  In fact, we hope this provides a clearer experience, particularly around submissions for FlexNet Manager Suite.

Please refer to related Ideas FAQ: What product and category should I submit my Idea to? For further information on the where existing products fit into the products and categories.

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