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In optima, it is possible for a Flexera engineer to change the currency symbol that is reported on all dashboards.

This however will not affect any values as no currency conversion is carried out and only the symbol on the account will change.

A currency symbol should be changed when the original cloud bill is not in US dollars $. This is because optima by default will show you a dollar symbol and not your actual currency.

You can only have one currency symbol per account.

To raise a currency symbol change you can raise a support request via email or raise a case via community

When raising please state the currency you would like to change to.

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Hello,   prepaidgiftbalance

In Optima, a Flexera engineer can change the currency symbol that is displayed on all dashboards. However, it's important to note that this change does not affect any actual currency conversion or values; it simply updates the symbol displayed on the account.

The need to change the currency symbol arises when the original cloud bill is not in US dollars ($). By default, Optima shows the dollar symbol, but if your actual currency is different, you can request to change the symbol.

Keep in mind that each account can have only one currency symbol.





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