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Managing multiple clouds with Cloud Management Platform

Flexera Alumni
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So, you’re migrating to the cloud. Your company is now among the 94 percent of organizations that are operating with in some kind of cloud, according to the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera. Whether private or public, your cloud usage likely needs better management and optimization tools. Cloud Management Platform from Flexera is that tool.

Flexera’s “Multi-Cloud Management with RightScale CMP” walks you through some of the basics of managing your CMP dashboard. The demo begins at about 12:10 in the video.

CMP provides a full picture view of your cloud accounts and spend, updating multiple times a day with the latest info. The executive-level view allows you dive into details as you see fit. You’ll also see how amend access for users and groups.

How to manage multiple clouds with Cloud Management PlatformHow to manage multiple clouds with Cloud Management PlatformSwitching to Billing shows you cards that can be broken down by billing center and cost allocation. You’ll also see where to find recommendations how costs savings presented in real time. Optima 

You’ll also learn how to automate policies, with many policy templates coming ready right from the both. Or you can customize your own policies.

Ultimately, CMP gives you complete control over existing cloud usage while automating and maintaining cloud infrastructure. This webinar gets you started.

Watch "Multi-Cloud Management with RightScale CMP"