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Centos 8 cloud images

I see that RHEL 8 support as been added.

When are you adding Centos 8 support as well in RightScale?

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I don't see this being in the current roadmap. You may want to raise this as an idea in the Ideas portal and then post it here so that other forum members can vote on it and to make it bubble up priority wise.


As i know it's worth noting that CentOS 8 has a slightly different support and release cycle compared to RHEL. Historically, CentOS versions have been released after their corresponding RHEL versions. To determine the availability of CentOS 8 support in RightScale or any other specific software or service, I recommend checking the official documentation, release notes, or contacting the support team of the platform you're using.




To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about CentOS 8 support in RightScale, I recommend reaching out to the official RightScale support or consulting their documentation and release notes. They will be able to provide you with the specific details regarding the availability of CentOS 8 support in RightScale.