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How do I use a URL without the /ESD for a redirect?


This article discusses how to use a URL for App Portal without the /ESD for a redirect.


    When you create a DNS alias such as you will still have to append the /ESD virtual directory manually in order to load SCCM Self Service.

    The way to avoid this is to use a redirection script. A redirection script is the file that loads by default when you access the default web site on the server that the dns address points to.

    The script will redirect all requests to to thus making it transparent for the user.

    Use this process if you get an "Under Construction" when you attempt to access or http://servername

    1. Create a file called default.asp
    2. Enter a single line as follows: <% Response.Redirect("/ESD") %>
    3. Save the file and place in the folder that the "Default Web Site" points to (typically InetPub\wwwroot)
    4. Redirection should work now. If it does not check IIS Manager and ensure that "default.asp" is at the top of the Documents list.
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