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This article provides a sample Powershell script which submits a request for a catalog item for App Portal.


Catalog item requests can be submitted in a number of different ways. One way to accomplish this would be to invoke the createRequest() web service API. This article provides sample Powershell code to do this for App Portal.


The Powershell code to invoke createRequest() is as follows:

$uri = "http://sup-apfnmp-cw/esd/api.asmx" #This URL should reflect the App Portal server name.
$WebService = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $uri -Credential $cred
$Result = $WebService.createRequest(12, "<TargetMachineName", "<RequesterName>", "<TargetUserName>", $false, $false, @())

echo $Result #The Result variable will be set to the request ID

Note that the createRequest() API accepts the following 7 input parameters:

1. The package ID for the catalog item to request.
2. The target machine name for the request.
3. The name of the requester.
4. The target user for the request
5. A boolean value indicating whether or not to enforce the approval process.
6. A boolean value indicating whether or not to send a request email.
7. A string array containing a list of questions. In this case, no questions are specified

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