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This article provides a list of issues resolved in App Portal 2017 R1 version.


This article provides a list of issues resolved in App Portal 2017 R1 version.


App Portal 2017 R1 version includes the following fixes:
IOJ-1760500An upgrade to App Portal 2015 R2 SP4 failed, with following error message:
Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'NoteDate', table 'AppPortal.dbo.WD_RequestNotes'; column does not allow nulls.
IOJ-1762802Request to provide an option in the user interface to stop the server task: Process Computers for My Apps alerts. App Portal adding support for running My Apps as a job; user can now stop and start the scheduled task.
IOJ-1762804A new option named Enable License Reclamation Policy has been added to enable or disable a previously existing My Apps reclamation process.
IOJ-1767056Request to add an API method to get ADGUID for user/group.
Request to prevent custom DB tables and views from being deleted during upgrade for App Portal 2015 R2 and App Portal 2016.
IOJ-1770970For a catalog item with an ?include collection? condition on the Visibility tab of the Catalog Item Properties dialog box, the behavior experienced by a non-admin user from a machine which is not included in the collection is as follows: the user receives an error message when attempting to add this catalog item, listed in the Most Popular list, to the cart: This package is not compatible with your Operating System.
IOJ-1773143For a machine that is candidate for a Compliance (Action) alerts, the My Apps alert process will throw an exception. The exception is thrown both during the alert creation process triggered by the ESD Service as well as when a user visits the My Apps page.
IOJ-1774406Pressing submit multiple times during checkout results in duplicate requests.
IOJ-1779188App Portal AirWatch doesn't work with Windows 10 phones, even though the Windows 10 phone has been registered in AirWatch and a user/mobile device relationship can be seen.
IOJ-1781183When approval workflows are applied to all catalog items and a conditional collection (Altiris Filter) is included in this workflow, if a package request is made for a machine which is outside the collection, the request goes into a pending state instead of being deployed.
IOJ-1781259If no action alerts are configured, the My Apps tab displays the Software Policy Score and the software inventory for that device. However when an alert action catalog Item is created for one of the software applications installed on the device, the My Apps tab for that device displays nothing, not even the software inventory displayed for the device.
IOJ-1799987Request for more comprehensive documentation on the App Portal logs and what information is contained within them
IOJ-1802619When creating a new device for a bare metal OS deployment, the status of the request is not being picked up until a sync is performed.
IOJ-1804337The documentation for the AddCMTaskSequence API web method does not list the deploymentTechnology value for ConfigMgr.
IOJ-1806299When searching for packages in a grid, ConfigMgr packages are not found when using column filters if they are not in the top 100 packages in the catalog.
IOJ-1808535On the Browse Catalog tab, in both list view and card view, the maximum length for a catalog item title is 42 characters. Request to increase the number of characters displayed.
IOJ-1811145Request for option to be able to exclude ignored devices from My Apps View Devices reports.
IOJ-1811847Customer is seeing the following exception thrown in the ESDService.log file every time the service is started:
The ConnectionString property has not been initialized (source: tmrEmailQueue_Elapsed)
The App Portal installer creates two scheduled tasks (App Portal - Process Computers for My Apps Alerts and App Portal - Send out My Apps Email Notifications) and both are automatically configured to run as SYSTEM. They should be configured to run using the same user/group as the ESD Service and the SelfService app pool.
IOJ-1812223Request that all Service Packs should come with installation Instructions,
IOJ-1812555An error is generated in the ActiveDirectory.log when you add an AD group to the catalog item from the Security Groups tab of the Catalog Item Properties dialog box.
IOJ-1814724You are unable to change or localize the following message that is displayed when a requester attempts to add a catalog item that has no licenses available to the cart:
PACKAGE_NAME cannot be added to the cart at this time because no license is available. Please contact your administrator.
IOJ-1815287If a direct link to a catalog item is provided to a user that does not have access to that catalog item?s associated category, that user is still permitted to add the catalog item to the cart.
IOJ-1816831Alerts for task sequence catalog items are not rendered correctly: HTML tags are displayed as plain text.
IOJ-1818031The values for masked variables are being displayed on the Variables subtab of the Request Details view on the My Requests tab.
IOJ-1819567On the Details view of a catalog item on the Browse Catalog tab, the catalog item title is truncated to 42 characters; there is no way to display the full title, and the full title is not displayed when hovering over the truncated title.
IOJ-1826256If an approver has a very long display name in Active Directory, they are unable to approve requests in App Portal.
IOJ-1826370On the Report tab, the length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property.
IOJ-1830095When an order was placed through REST API to App Portal when App Portal was not communicating with FlexNet Manager Suite, the order failed.
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