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This article shows how App Portal determines which devices/users can be added.


There are a number of options during checkout for requesting items on behalf of a different user. Once such option is the Request to manual list. If the list of devices/users does not meet certain criteria, then App Portal will not allow them to be added to the list. This article shows how App Portal determines which devices/users can be added.


Users or devices can not be added if they are not found in the views vUser or vComputer, in the App Portal database. If not found, then the invalid items in the list will not be added. The following illustrates the exact query which is run by App Portal, Items returned by this query will be added to the list of targets.

SELECT vrs.ComputerID AS ResourceID,vru.UniqueName, ISNULL(vru.UserID, 0) AS UserResourceID, vru.FullName AS FullName, vru.Email AS Email, vru.UserName AS UserName, vrs.MachineName AS MachineName, vru.Office AS Office, vru.Department AS Department, vrs.Client AS Client, vrs.Active AS Active FROM vComputer vrs LEFT OUTER JOIN vUser AS vru ON vrs.SMSUserName = vru.UserName WHERE ( vrs.MachineName IN ('WIN2008R2-ad','WIN2008R2-SCCM','JohnDoe') OR vru.UserName IN ('WIN2008R2-ad','WIN2008R2-SCCM','JohnDoe') OR vru.LastName IN ('WIN2008R2-ad','WIN2008R2-SCCM','JohnDoe') ) AND vrs.AirWatchID IS NULL ORDER BY vrs.MachineName

NOTE: In the above query, the following three items were entered as part of the manual list:

WIN2008R2-ad, WIN2008R2-SCCM and JohnDoe

Additional Information

For additional information on the "Enable reqeust to manual list?" option, and other request on behalf of options, see Enabling a Catalog Item to Be Requested on Behalf of Another User/Device in the App Portal User Guide.
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