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Retirement Campaign

Where can I modify the Retirement Campaign Notification of a successful uninstall?

I tried the  Site Management<Communications<Notification<License Reclamation<My7 Apps - License Reclamation Automatic Uninstall but no effect on the Retirement Campaign. I Don't see one under the Software tab.

Please advise

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Thanks for pointing this out.  It seems several of the newer notifications that have been added to the product have not been surfaced in the admin UI.  Please submit a support case to have this corrected (Engineering should really do a full review of all notifications and make sure they are all surfaced, since there are some other ones that also have the same issue).  In the meantime, you should be able to modify those notifications directly in the database if needed...

SELECT TOP (1000) [ID]
  FROM [AppBroker].[dbo].[WD_Notifications]
 WHERE NotificationID IN (91,93)


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