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Is SCCM 2111 supported in App Portal 2021 R1?

Is SCCM 2111 supported in App Portal 2021 R1?

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The 2111 SCCM version got released on 17th Dec 2021 and the App Portal 2021 R1 release already happened in May 2021. So we will be claiming SCCM 2111 support with the latest version of App Portal 2022 R1 (17.0) this year. However, the basic cases are verified in App Portal 2021 R1 with SCCM 2111 so most likely it may work.
Swati Smita

Are there any configuration changes that need to make in App Portal settings to work with SCCM's upgraded version? 

Thanks for the reply.

I haven't tried this specific build of ConfigMgr yet, but generally speaking, no, there are no App Broker configuration changes required to support newer ConfigMgr builds.  Our integration is built at a pretty "core" level, so it would be unusual for ConfigMgr to introduce a change to those base objects like collections and deployments that would break our integration.  Not to say that it couldn't happen, but I've not experienced any issues with several other ConfigMgr upgrades and have never had to adjust any App Broker settings.

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