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Approval workflow modified report

I would like to get a report on requests where the Approval workflow has been modified. Ideally where level 1 or level 2 workflow approvers have been removed. Is this possible – even if it’s a direct DB query.

We’re still running 2019R1.

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I'm not seeing anything in the DB which would allow you to track an approval modification via the DB. If you modify the approval process, then the old approval process is deleted from the DB, and the new approval process is written back to the DB (The approval process is stored in the WD_ApprovalProcess table). About the only source of information about approval modifications, is in the Approval_Modification.log file. About all I could suggest would be to keep a running backup of this log file.. I'd guess somebody with more skill than I could parse the contents of this log, and drop it into a document where it could be more easily consumed.. 

Thanks Charles. I'll look into the parsing of the  Approval_Modification.log file.


You could also potentially try creating a DELETE trigger on that table, since I think the only time anything should be deleted from there would be if the workflow is modified (or possibly when a request is canceled?).  Of course I'll include my normal caveat of "database modifications are at your own risk and could be wiped out by or even cause issues with future product upgrades".

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