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Recently we had a AD security group created that changes daily and added the security group to the Catalog section of App Portal so users would be able to see the software catalog. For some odd reason users would only have access to see the software catalog for day. As a quick fix, I would have to reset IIS. Is there another setting. Also, I noticed the APM pool keeps stopping too.


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Can you elaborate on what you mean by "added the security group to the Catalog section of App Portal"?  Do you mean you added the security group under Site Management > Catalog Security > Catalog and granted View permissions?

Assuming that's the case, I'm not sure exactly what issue you'd be running into, but it sounds like it's related to IIS caching or users that have open browser sessions.

As for the APM pool, unless you have users accessing the App Portal mobile website (/apm instead of /esd), it doesn't really matter if the APM application pool is running or not (though it might signify other issues with IIS that could be impacting App Portal).

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