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App Portal / App Broker in Distributed Architecture

Hi team, 

we have App portal in one of our Data Center in US and user's who are accessing it from other regions (APAC/EMEA) getting slowness coz of network latency. One obvious solution is to reduce network latency. I am looking for an alternate solution - can we have App Portal in Distributed Architecture , I mean one Webserver in EMEA and one in APAC (with the same App portal Link ) is it possible ? or is the limitation of product that you can't have regional server(ESD services running)  which sync in real time and provide faster experience to end user. 

if not present now, is there any plan to include this in future release ? 




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I can see that you already received the response through the support case that this isn't currently a supported architecture.

You may want to create an idea in the Ideas portal as then other members can vote on it...


hey, thanks for response,

support case language was not clearly saying that this is not supported architecture, as you are saying it.. In support case update they mentioned they are checking with other engineer and will update. 


anyway, if you are saying it's limitation of design then it's fine, we can close the case well. thanks


Your case # 02438633: Distributed Implementation of App portal to address needs of  Geographically distributed  customer has been updated with the following comment:
Hello, my name is David and I now have ownership of your case. As App Portal is currently implemented it can't be set up as a distributed Architecture.  Currently, you can only have one App Portal server and one App Portal database.  There is no way to host regional servers of App Portal that all hook into one single App Portal server.

I will chat with some other engineers to see what options might be available that you are looking for but I'm not aware of any that we here in support know of.





Please make sure to await final confirmation from the support team on whether it's supported or not then...


It should probably have been worded, "setting up this type of implementation goes beyond the scope of technical support".. I know of a number of customers who have set up App Broker in a load-balanced environment.  Typically, this is done more for fail-over purposes, but I have seen a couple who use it actively..  If you were to set up multiple instances of App Broker behind a load balancer, the critical thing to note is that the ESD Service can only be running on a single server.. Otherwise, you will find that if multiple instances of the ESD Service are running, that certain tasks may not complete correctly, due to the duplicate services trying to perform the same tasks at the same time.. The front end should handle this correctly.. With that being said, I have found that the load-balanced App Broker servers need to be running HTTPS, if the load balancer is as well.  Browsers do not like it when the load balancer offloads https traffic to HTTP. 

One other thing to note. We do not test the App Broker product in a load-balanced environment..  As such, we can not claim official support for such an environment.. I just wanted to pass along that App Broker web UI should function correctly when run behind a load balancer, though the ESD Service will not.