Workflow Manager 2020 Update 1 is here!

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Workflow Manager 2020 Update 1 is released and available for download from Product and License Center.

A new data element, ability to enable and disable the Rollback button to give you more control over your workflow requests, while giving you better insights on your workflow requests by showing the current Step of a workflow request and Display Name of the users, this is what Workflow Manager 2020 Update 1 brings to you.

Here is the list of all the enhancements added to Workflow Manager 2020 Update 1:

  • A new data element to add URL and UNC paths in the workflows
  • Ability to delete multiple workflow requests
  • Windows Authentication option while adding an external data source in Workflow Manager
  • A new column for Step Name in All Workflow Requests and the click through reports of widgets on the Dashboard
  • Option to disable Rollback button for a workflow Step
  • A new WebAPI to delete workflows
  • Shows users Display Name in the Open Issues and Request Assignments on Dashboard

For more details please refer the release notes here.

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