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This article describes how to resolve the error of "Could not locate the VMware VIX API" when trying to select a virtual machine from ESX whereas VIX is already installed.


When using VMware Workstation, it is recommended that you install VMware Workstation on the same machine as Automated Application Converter so that Automated Application Converter will use the version of the VIX API that was designed for that specific version of VMware Workstation. It is likely a newer versions of the VIX API will work. The best approach is for Automated Application Converter to use the version of the VIX API that was bundled with your version of VMware Workstation.

When trying to select a virtual machine from an ESX server where VIX is already installed the error "Could not locate the VMware VIX API. Please install VMWare Workstation, or download and install the VMware VIX API from http://www.vmware.developer/vix-api". If you have not installed VIX API, please install it.

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Running "vmrun" on a command prompt also fails with "The specified service provider was not found".

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This error may be caused by mismatch of VIX API on AdminStudio client and VMware server. An uninstall may be required for the existing current VIX API on the AdminStudio client and then install a different version of VIX API. Determine the version of API on the ESX server. Obtain from VMWare and install the appropriate API on the AdminStudio client.

Also determine using If "vmrun" works. When vmrun does not work please contact VMware technical support.
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