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What are the Different methods using which we can Activate Adminstudio?

There are 4 methods using which we can activate Adminstudio
(Refer Attached screenshot"Activation Wizard" for more details)
Activation Wizard.png

1. Activate or Purchase Adminstudio.
In this method, we need to provide an Activation code which will be in the (4 sets of 4 characters) in the below format:
This is the method that the majority of the customers use.
(Refer Attached screenshot"Activation Code" for more details)
Activation Code.png

2. Continue to Evaluate Adminstudio :
We can use this method to evaluate Adminstudio for 21 days without Activation.

3. Configure Adminstudio to get license information from a license server.
In this method, we provide license server details IP/Server Name and Port(27000)
(Refer Attached screenshot"License Server" for more details)
License Server.png

4. Configure Adminstudio to get license information from a license file.
In this method, we use a license file to activate Adminstudio.

Please have a look at the following link which will provide you more details:

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