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unregister service and delete regkey

Hi all

I have a package that installes NT services using a custom action;
I use:
- "In-Script Execution" = Deferred Execution in System Context
- "Install Exec condition" = NOT installed
The custom action is a vbscript that calls an EXE developped by IBM which creates services (it sucks but works)

In the same package, i want to add a custom action that will remove services and some regkeys.
So i suppose that i must add this custom action with "Install Exec condition" = REMOVE = "ALL"
Which value should i put for "In-Script Execution"?

Moreover i have to remove some regkeys in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root.
Only the System account can write or delete keys here. So how should i set the custom action to properly remove those regkeys?

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Hi Nicole,

The condition of REMOVE~="ALL" would indeed be appropriate. For sequencing and In-Script Execution, I recommend just before RemoveFiles, and "Deferred Execution in System Context".

Regardless of your type of custom action, this should work during uninstall as long as all of the other settings are correct.

Does this work for you in testing?
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