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converting .exe to .msi using repackager tool

I converted a Installshield 12 setup.exe to a .msi package using Admin studio repackager tool. The conversion worked fine and the installation also worked fine.

But i have a big problem:

None of the custom dialogs which were present in the original installation (setup.exe) is not coming. The installation of .msi now shows only License agreement, Installtion status bar..

I used the command line option \qf for full User Interface while conversion. Even that did not work. I opened the converted .irp repackager project and then opened the .msi in edtor and the dialogs which were available in the original setup.exe is now not available in the dialog editor of .msi ? How to get these custom dialogs while converting .exe to .msi ?
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Repackager use 2 methods: Snapshot and Install Monitoring.
In both cases, tool capture changes like registry, files, ini files, shortcuts.
But it 's not be able to capture custom actions of your setup.exe.

The only way to do that, it's to get original project of your setup.exe.

Hope helps you.