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Silent Install question

Hi guys, I want to build a silent MSI using Repackager. I mean silent as in the user doesn't even get the 'Next' or 'Finish' buttons, it just runs. Is there an option to do this in AdminStudio?

ZedxSpec by Level 3
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How to connect to Oracle DB

I want to connect Adminstudio 9 to our central Oracle 10 DB server but did not find any document or help. Is there any help, manual or tip available?Thanks for Help in AdvanceWerner

Need Help to install Adminstudio (Server)

Hello, i'm installing a platform with AdminStudio 9.0 but i'have some problem.I have to connect 5 client-computers Adminstudio to a server Adminstudio, but i don't know how we do that Anyone have some documentation ? or else ? Thanks a lot,BenParis

AcRy07 by Level 2
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License problem with Adminstudio Zenworks edition

I had AdminStudio Zenworks edition installed on my laptop at work. We decided to move it over to a stand alone desktop to start building our packages and whatnot.I ran through the uninstall, and I got the message about entering my information to dec...

motc777 by Level 3
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Hello!I have a problem with ConflictSolver. I open a new database file and start the Import Wizard. I choose the MSI file I want to import, but can't choose "Run Confilct" (It's grey) only Run validation. I run the validation part, and everything loo...

Repackaging question -- re: software requirements

I have just purchased AdminStudio, brand new user, and before I install it I need to ask a requirements-related question. If I want to convert an InstallShield MSI application to a Basic MSI application, does InstallShield need to be on the same com...

Training required for simple repackaging?

I am wondering whether training would be required, or whether I could self-learn, for the use of AdminStudio JUST to (1) repackage about a dozen SIMPLE InstallScript msi apps into basic msi apps (I have the Installshield projects for these), and (2) ...

Where's the Install button?

I've created my MSI several times, everything seems fine, validates okay, but when I get to run through the wizard, I can only choose Back or Cancel - there's no Install button.