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OK, what am I over looking???

Can "System Search" be used to build an install condition to keep a setup from running.

For example I am building a Oracle Client and want to keep it of the Database Administrators PC's (As they are always testing out new versions). So I figured I would search for the [WindowVolume] +5 SubDirectories for the sqlnet.ora file.
If it exists Give 'em a "error: Nice try, install your own script! : P"

However it does not seem to have the desired effect. If the files is "not" on the box the install fails.

😮 I know I am overlooking something obvious, anyone know what it is? 😮
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If the file exists, and installation continues, the condition is reversed. Otherwise, I will recommend verifying the value of property used in the condition.

I am such a newb :rolleyes:. I need to drink more coffee before work.